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GCTI™ is the first european and global trusted cloud Index platform, powered by B2CLOUD, a french cloud consulting and computer programming company created in 2013 and which was labeled as a Cloud security and new technologies provider in the Wavestone radar

100% european DNA

GCTI- Global Cloud Trust Index- is the commercial achievement of an EIC Horizon 2020 call for projects for which B2CLOUD received an excellence score for Innovation, services provided, business model and high potential of an innovative idea never proposed before. 

GCTI's goals are to bring more services transparency and comparability, more visibility to CSPs and more reliability in the use of cloud services through the provision of advanced trust matrices and scoring computation.

With GCTI, B2CLOUD is indeed the first cloud player on the market that have introduced and embodied the notion of trusted cloud.

B2CLOUD has invested 2 years in the development of trusted cloud evaluation matrices that are dedicated to the cloud market and customized to the needs of large accounts, ETIs and SMEs.  

  • Our expert and engineers have developed more than 100 measurement criteria which are scored and supervised. 

  • They created the1st cloud ontology of the market, a single consistent data model (classes, attributes, meta-classes and relationships) to model knowledge (vendor offerings) at a global scale. 

  • They made it possible to verify the capacity to deliver measurement methods, data access and restitution modes, in compliance with users' expectations and regulations in terms of data protection.

Lumières technologiques

100% experienced methodology

GCTI innovativeness

100% innovativeness

B2CLOUD has always been a pioneer in innovation and IP.

Our method for processing recommendation are patented.

Our trust matrices are fully secured

Our trademarks are protected in France, EU and UK.

Our evaluation matrices are hosted on premise and not accessible on the public cloud

We ensure that our online catalogs and databases do not contain any confidential customer data and that their access remain highly confidential.

We ensure that our dashboards (and analytical data), remain only accessible on secure and private spaces.

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