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Levvia : Ecological, secure and customizable online storage

Leviia Pro is a unique offer on the market which provides companies and public administrations with a 100% GDPR-compliant, secure and ecological cloud storage platform.

GCTI Trusted cloud
Levvia is accessible on any devices

The Levvia Pro service allows customers to create accounts, apply storage quotas, and manage security policy (credentials, data sharing...). It enables clients to connect their own SSO (Active Directory, LDAP ...) to better secure their users access.

For each user, an OnlyOffice license is included to create, view or modify Microsoft Office files online.

Storage and users are charged on a per-use basis (pay as you use model), as the service is designed to automatically grow with customer needs, and with no limits.


  • Data protection compliancy

Storage exclusively located in EU and not subject to the Cloud Act

100% compliant to EU GDPR regulation.

  • Fully secured

Military-grade encryption, complete data partitionning, anti-ransomware/anti-DDOS protection, and data replicated on three sites located in France.

  • Fast

Based on NVME SSD technology (the fastest on the market), Leviia ‘s technology is specialized in massive data processing and high availability.

  • Ecological

A green storage solution maximizing the server's utilization and limiting dead resources (Green IT). All carbon emissions are 200% offset.

GCTI trusted cloud
100% customizable white label solution

Leviia Pro is also available in a white label formula, allowing any business (public or private) to offer storage services, file sharing, very quickly, and in a secure manner.

The offer includes a personalized domain name, logo integration, a personalized web page and additional application integration, all for a monthly recurring subscription base.

Leviia has emerged in a market that was until now largely occupied by Google Drive or Dropbox. With incoming EU regulations around data storage and data protection, the company offers an attractive alternative. Leviia has already been able to quickly win over several thousand customers - individuals, companies and public administrations.

The funds raised from the Xavier Niel ‘s holding company will be used to strengthen the technical and sales teams, to enter new markets such as healthcare, defense and administrative subdivisions, and to offer new products to customers.


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