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Any questions?

Check out our FAQ for answers to your most frequently questions about our services and trusted cloud solutions referencing

  • How to get well referenced ?
    To reference a solution, please follow the steps bellow Start by filling out the referral form in the chosen category: Applications, Infrastructure, Platform. Don't forget to select your subscription Plan at the end of the form Our team will evaluate your request and confirm your referencing by email (don't forget to provide your contact information). To activate your subscription, you will be redirected to the subscription page, where you can choose to confirm your plan and payment method (Online via credit card or offline via bank transfer) Depending on the plan you choose, you will receive a personalized matrix for the calculation of the trust score Our system will then calculate your confidence score based on the elements you have entered. You will also have to provide additional elements such as your logo Your listing will be effective maximum 72 hours after reception of your elements and payment. If you do not wish to fill in the matrix, GCTI will automatically calculate your trust score. You will be able to update your referencing data at any time in your customer area, for a new calculation of the trust score of your solution. You can also access our video tutorial
  • When will my solution be listed in the offer catalog?
    As soon as you have fulfilled the conditions of referencing, that your submission has been validated and that your payment is effective, the publishing of your solution in our catalog does not exceed 72 hours. If you subscribe online, your solution will be available within 24 hours. If you opt for a SEPA transfer, the activation is effective upon receipt of the transfer. The delays may fluctuate depending on your bank. At any time, you can contact our referencing service by email or alternatively use our online chat either contact directly our support team at
  • Do you offer traffic statistics on the referral offers?
    Our statistical reports on the catalogs files are established on the basis of the last 30 days at the date of referencing of your solution. They are provided in strict compliance with the regulations in terms audience measurement and with respect for user consent. Art 82 CNIL. They are also correlated to the choice of our subscribers to make or not their profiles public and accessible to other subscribers. They are also correlated to the consent of analytical and marketing cookies on our platform When a referencing formula is associated with the publication of a blog article, it offers a much better visibility in the respect of regulations in term of traffic sharing and audience measurement.
  • Why is the GCTI service only available in paid mode?
    As a the refererent site for the Trusted Cloud, GCTI by B2CLOUD has chosen to reference and list the Cloud Application| Infrastructure| Platform solutions that meet the conditions of referencing in terms of Transparency and Reliability. T|R Our trust matrix is the result of several years of research. We believe that the advertising referencing model or cpc totally biaises the relevance of the results. On the contrary, we have opted for a model and a classification of the offers that puts in visibility the providers according to their trust score (T|R), and this, whatever the subscription plan or the chosen formula.
  • Do you offer free trial?
    You can benefitt from a 7 days free trial if choosing a STARTER plan You will be able to manage your subscription plan directly in your customer area (to modify; cancel; or upgrade). For any other request, please contact our customer support service
  • Do you offer discount coupon?
    By joining GCTI, you will automatically benefit from our new customer loyalty program Each time you earn point, you will be rewarded with discount coupons and special offers from our partners and customers.
  • I'm referenced. How to access the services?
    As a listed provider, creating a user account gives you access to your account information, subscription package, referral data update services, blog news, update services, offer catalogs, account managing and notification settings. Create your account now
  • I'm referenced. How to publish a post on the blog?
    If referenced and according to your subscription Plan, you can choose to publish a dedicated post about your company and offer directly in our blog You can either create your post directly in your member area or send your post to our customer service at
  • How to stay informed about  news and updates?
    Whether you are referenced or requesting a referencing, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter. You will be informed in priority about upcoming news or updates. As member, you will automatically receive our lastest news by mail You will also be able to modify your subscription at any time in the setting parameters of your member account.
  • Can I have free access to the cloud services catalogs?
    Depending of your profile, you can have free access to the cloud services catalogs. As a end user, all you need is to sign in to access the catalogs in your member area As a provider, you first need to get listed and to choose your formula to have full access to your services, including the access to catalogs.
  • I'm listed. How do I get my trust score?
    If you are listed in our catalogs and according to your subscription plan, you have two options to get your trust score compute Either you let our system automatically compute your score or you fill in the personalized matrice available in your member area . Our system will automatically update your score. To obtain your trust matrice, make your request by email at or use our online chat.
  • How is my GCTI trust score calculated?
    Your trust score is automatically calculated using the information you provided during the online referencing process or by telephone during an interview with our evaluation expert. Our trust matrix integrates more than 102 measurement values based on the Transparency and Reliability analysis dimensions. The trust score is not only established on technical values but also on governance values in terms of data protection and localization, or regulations in terms of security, or even on customer service level (SLA, resolution time, TTR...). This score is very sensitive to the completeness/incompleteness of the data provided and their verification. It can be updated each time you make a request or when our systems process information checking If you have chosen a formula with a trust score and you do not wish to fill in the matrix, our system will automatically calculate your score. You can request an update of your score at any time in your dedicated customer area. For further assistance, please contact our customer service at
  • What is a positioning recommendation?
    Available only in the Premium Pro and Elite Pro packages, our positioning recommendation service includes A positioning report of your Offering/Solution with the PKI of your choice (Security, Governance, Pricing, Customer Support, Sustainability etc.) regarding your competitors A positioning recommendation for your offering/solution regarding your most critical indicator, the market size and the competition
  • How do I pay for my subscription?
    You have several options to subscribe . Once connected in your member area, by choosing the Plan that suits you and the effective date of the subscription. Payment will be made by credit card through our the Stripe payment platform partner, which complies with European PCA and PCI DSS standards. You can also order you plan as a guest, in the checkout page If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service by email at or by chat, or contact our customer support at
  • Can I change my plan during my subscription?
    Our subscriptions plans are established on a monthly basis. If you have opted for a STARTER plan, you will be able to modify it at the end of the period and boost it to a STARTER+ plan . The subscription fee will be automatically recalculated If you have opted for a PREMIUM Plan, you will be able to upgrade it at the end of the period to a PREMIUM+, PREMIUM PRO Plan. The subscription fee will be automatically recalculated You can also upgrade from any Starter Plan (+ or Pro) to a PREMIUM or EELITE plan of your choice, at the end of the due period. The duration and fees will be automatically recalculated You can switch from any PREMIUMPlan to an ELITE Plan of your choice at the end of the due period. The duration and fees will be automatically recalculated You can also contact our support service if necessary at
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